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Hello, LJ BeatleFans! :D

The Beatle Fandom is a big place. Lots of people, lots of opinions, lots of emotion. Lots of controversy. So I thought it would be a good idea to have a community just for people to come and Rant about... whatever they want! :D And then be able to discuss and debate their ideas with others.

What Do You Mean By "Rant?"

An articulate expression of passionate emotion and/or opinion. Sort of like a persuasive essay, or a newspaper op-ed. Try to explain yourself in an interesting, original way, and be sure to describe the why and how of your feelings and opinions. Don't just say you "love" or "hate" something. Specifically explain your reasons for feeling or thinking that way.

How It Works:

Same thing as beatlesecret. I post a Screened Submissions Post. You comment (anonymously!) with your Rant. If it qualifies (see Rules below), then it gets posted in the next Rant Post. People can then read it and comment with their agreement or disagreement, and you can respond (anonymously if you wish, or you can openly claim authorship of your Rant -- after it has been posted).

Love Note:

I know that most Rants will tend to be controversial and divisive. And that's okay. But let's not forget the LOVE. :D Love-Rants are more than welcome! And I think we all have a bit of repressed Love inside us for these guys, so please feel free to let it out here!

(Yes, there are many -- sorry! But Please read them before posting Rants or commenting.)

1. I claim Absolute Power over this community!!! Bwah-HA!!! ....Uhhhh, but no, seriously. I want this place to be cool. So I reserve the right to exercise some basic Quality Control, and to post or not post Rants as I see fit.

2. Your Rant must be Beatle-related. That includes Beatle-S.O.'s: Wives, Friends, Girlfriends, Relatives, Colleagues, Business Associates, and Groupies. It also includes the Beatle Fandom itself, i.e., observations about fans, trends, factions, etc.

3. Your Rant must be at least 200 words. Basically, if it's short enough to be a beatlesecret, then go make it a beatlesecret! ;D

4. Your Rant must have a title, so that members can skim through the Rants if they so choose, reading only the ones which interest them. I reserve the right to alter your title. Please put your title in quotation marks (" "), in the first line of your comment.

5. Your Rant must not be ridiculously trivial in nature, i.e., a list of all the reasons why you find one of the Beatles physically attractive (or unattractive!).

6. Your Rant must not be in hideously bad taste, i.e., containing offensive or insensitive comments about the death of a Beatle or Beatle-S.O.

7. Your Rant must make a coherent point and have tolerable grammar and spelling. If it does not, but I think it has potential, I may post a comment with the title of your Rant and a few suggestions of how to improve it. Also, be aware that, as the community grows (and hopefully it will!), there may be times where there are simply too many Rants posted at once, or there may be several very similar Rants in one post, in which case I may choose to save some Rants for the next post. If that does happen, I will make a comment with the title of your Rant and let you know it will be posted later.)

8. Your Rant may include photos, if you like, but I reserve the right to edit them out if I think they're redundant. Please do not put all the text of your Rant onto a photo, as I then will have no way of copy 'n' pasting it.

9. Again, debate and disagreement are encouraged here, and I'd prefer not to moderate the comment section at all. But please don't flame (personally attack) other members. I may step in and give you a warning, and if you don't stop, I may ban you from the comm. I may also ban you if you behave trollishly, i.e., posting the same comment over and over, or making offensive statements.

10. I reserve the right to post a Rant which breaks any or all of these rules, if I think it's really entertaining. ;)

For Reference:

Here are links to a couple discussions over at the johnheartpaul community for reference. (Yes, I'm using this opportunity to pimp my favorite comm AND my disbelief of Heather Mills' claims. ;P) But mainly I just think that these discussions are good examples of the sort of well-thought-out, coherent writing I would like to see here, on whatever subject you choose to Rant about.



Okay, dudes, as you may have surmised, there is going to be lots of crap going down in this comm. Ideally, of course, I would like everyone to focus on debating IDEAS, without making anything personal. But be prepared for rudeness; it's gonna happen, all right? Please try not to take offense. And if you're a person who would be unduly upset by that... well, give yourself a break and avoid the crap.

Thanks for bearing with me! Please enjoy the comm. :)